Our Journey

“DREAM as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die TODAY”James Dean

Awareness and willingness make space for curiosity into the exploration of our deeper selves. In turn, they become foundational to the journey of self-discovery in therapy. My aim and role in the therapeutic process is to work with you to call forth you’re in itself awareness and understanding of behaviors beliefs and emotions in any area of your life that has become a hinderance and are no longer adequate or useful to your present experience. Awareness of unconscious patterns and beliefs repressed emotions and unresolved trauma, is that affect your day-to-day relationships, career and ultimately our happiness are gradually brought out of the unconscious into the light of day to be acknowledged transformed an integrated into our conscious self. This is important for your own path of self-awareness! Willingness to embrace all aspects of oneself is essential and creating the impetus for change. It is another word for open. It is the power to say yes to yourself, and where unconscious blocks can now be illuminated and transformed, making space for a fuller and more meaningful life a life with purpose. We naturally become more open to self-acceptance and start to develop self-trust, leading to self-empowerment which is the anecdote to being a victim to life’s circumstances. Life is given room to be lived authentically in the present rather from the wounds of the past and allows for unfolding in the new of daily life.

Thoughts to consider on your therapeutic journey


Are you willing to walk the path towards your well-being?


What ideas and beliefs about yourself and about life are behind the choices you’ve made?


Who are you now and are you willing to walk towards a more authentic self?


What fears might prevent you from getting there?


Are the ideas of who you are your own, or have they been imposed upon you by others?


Without the limitations who would you be?


Keep in mind just because you believe it and it was said to you it doesn’t mean it was true?